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Are Blue Skies Strategy Coaching services right for your business?

  • Do you need to clarify your team’s vision, mission, purpose, and goals to ensure alignment and performance? 
  • Are you in a new leadership position, or leading a team with many new members?
  • Do you want to develop a sense of team, and improve teamwork, focus, and communication? 
  • Do you need to improve performance to achieve business goals? 
  • Do you want to re-examine your team’s purpose and ways of working together?
  • Are you managing a brand or business unit that needs to be re-invigorated and re-engineered for growth? 
  • Are you leading a turn-around and need to rethink all facets of your business? 
“Working with Blue Skies, using their strategic process, was insightful, rewarding and fun. It not only enabled us to develop a clear vision of where we want to go and who we want to be, but also helped us understand where & who we are now, and what we have to change to achieve that vision. The environment & exercises in the Blue Skies workshop enabled candid, thoughtful exchanges that led to the generation of a solid plan that the whole team believes in. Now we have a clear, concise roadmap to follow that we all feel great about!”
Dorinda Savage

Innovation, WhiteWave Foods

“The Blue Skies Workshop was a powerful way for my team to come together and focus on the future. Not only did Blue Skies help us really determine what were the critical components to our success and the barriers to achieving our goals but they also helped us to create a roadmap and action plan for driving towards our vision. Their techniques not only got us all on the same page but allowed us to unify and become a stronger team. I would recommend Blue Skies Workshop for any team wanting to unleash the power of their team dynamics to drive business growth.”
Christine Kalvenes

Vice President of Innovation, Frito Lay

Conquer team goals

Our strategic business planning services include:

  • Creating strategic vision and mission statements, defining strategic goals and action plans for your company, brand, or team.
  • Identifying “white space” for growth opportunities and integrated business planning to achieve goals.
  • Providing strategic plan progress check-points and plan refinement.
  • Providing leadership assessment, training, and team building.
Contact us to discuss your specific business needs. We’ll customize a proposal for you, outlining our approach, timeline, and pricing.

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